About Reptiles/Amphibians:

About their families and how to tell them apart

Green Tree Monitor Generally speaking, reptiles consist of alligators, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and turtles, and amphibians consist of newts, salamanders, frogs and toads.  

Visual inspection does not always make it easy to distinguish the family of the creatures, but if you could feel the creatures skin you would find that reptiles have scales while amphibians have smooth moist skins.  Additionally, reptiles have claws on their toes.

Green TreefrogAmphibians live life on land and water and develop both gills and lungs for breathing.  These animals have a double life living on land but breeding in water.

While both amphibians and reptiles lay eggs, the amphibian eggs are jelly-like and must remain moist, while reptile eggs have hard shells.

Baby reptiles resemble their parents while amphibians start life as larva and undergo metamorphosis into their adult form.

Hope this wets your appetite to go and discover more about these creatures by both reading additional source materials and direct observation.

-Therese & Reid

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